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Miracle for Max

I was tasked to create designs for the Miracle for Max (M4M) Charity Golf Event. This event was created to assist in the rehabilitation of Max Togisala who, unfortunately, got into a skiing accident and became paralyzed from the waist down.

As he was a golfer of the Bonneville High School Men's Team, his family, coach, and supporters wanted to help through their shared love of golf which inspired the creation of this tournament.

Golf Logo.jpg
Sketch 2.JPG
Sketch 1.JPG
Wheel 1.jpg
Wheel 2.jpg

Because Max is of Samoan heritage, this became the primary theme of my designs. I researched how to appropriately depict this culture and came up with three main logos.

These designs all feature a golf green which has been formed to display traditional Samoan art through the lilies and tattoo patterns. They also exhibit golf forms such as a flagpole, a golf ball, and dueling clubs.

These designs are featured on shirts, stickers and even cover the wheelchair wheels that Max sits upon.

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