Rapids Ride Raft - Hokusai Harbor

Designed for: TEPG Design Competition

An exciting new take on a classic ride! For the conceptual themed land Hokusai Harbor, this new river rapids raft design allows for people to fully immerse themselves in the environment around them with outward facing seats. Additionally, this design allows for many rapid ride conventions to remain such as social interaction and the promise of getting soaked!


Designed for: The University of Notre Dame

Introducing the world's first portable wheelchair tire cleaner! This device allows for disabled persons in wheelchairs to more effectively clear harmful debris from their tires. It's especially useful during the winter when ice, snow, and salt can exacerbate the issue of mobility.

Fraser Flying Fish

Designed for: Cornell Theme Park Competition

A thrilling new attraction built for the theoretical aquarium Seas of Imagination in Vancouver! Here guests are taken on a trip through the Fraser Lake and into the open ocean where they will observe and rescue various animals. They will ride the premier search-and-rescue vehicle the Fraser Flying Fish in a fantastic trip through both the vast ocean and the Vancouver sky!