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Fraser Flying Fish

My team and I were given a task to develop a new attraction for the fictional Vancouver aquarium: the Seas of Imagination. This ride had four main goals: a cohesive narrative, interactive technology, a novel ride system, and a personalized experience for each guest.

The ride begins by introducing the guests as aquatic animal rescuers who must venture into the depths of the sea to rescue animals under the aquarium's watch. They achieve this using the Fraser Flying Fish "F3" ride vehicle.

The Flying Fish (Hero Shot).png
The Flying Fish.png
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Kuka Arm.PNG
FF Goggles.png
Glasses Render (Dual).3.jpg

This ride vehicle uses 3D and eye-tracking technology in order to enhance the immersion of this experience. These are contained in special glasses that are given to guests at the beginning of the queue of the attraction.

The glasses project the images onto the glass panels of the ride vehicle and the eye-tracking software follows the guest's viewpoint to create a cohesive environment. Additionally, the glasses respond to violent movement such as if a child looks away from something scary and they will adjust the experience accordingly.

Glasses Render (Dual - With Face).2.jpg
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