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Raft Environment (Lap Down - Big - Peopl

Hokusai Harbor

Tasked to create a conceptual themed world based on a famous artist, my team and I chose the famed Japanese wood painter Hokusai. We decided that the major attraction should involve a river rapids ride.

Discovering the current leader in this industry was Intamin Amusement Rides, we decided to base our ride vehicle on their structure. However, due to our ride's heavy theming, we wanted to develop a new design that would allow guests to become better immersed into the experience.

1. The Great Wave off Kanagawa.jpg

To create this new design, we first researched what drew guests to these kinds of rides. We discovered that thrill, fun, and immersion were what they craved.

This forced us to overcome some limitations pertaining to our ride experience such as inward facing seats, high-backed walls, and a dead inner space.

Through brainstorming and form development, our team designed the outward-facing river raft ride vehicle. This design coupled with the trackless ride vehicle, allows our guest to become fully immersed in all the facets of our experience.

Raft Test 2.3.jpg
Raft Environment (Lap Down - Big - People).png
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