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The Pirates of Penzance Jr.

I volunteered and collaborated with director Robert Mochetti to design and construct the set for T. H. Bell Jr. High's revival production of The Pirates of Penczance Jr.

Owing to the fact that this was his debut production at the school, he wished to revive a musical that had been produced within the past decade. This would be both economical and practical as the turnaround for this project's conception to performance was only a few months.


The initial designs, shown above, were given by Mr. Mochetti and they detailed two scenes: a beachfront and a chapel ruin.

Because this revival was produced within a decade, many of the same set pieces were still in the possession of the school. Rather than designing completely new pieces, we adapted the originals and enhanced them through new additions.

Through brainstorming and collaboration between three school departments (drama, art, and construction) we were able to design and construct a new cave entrance, rock facades, and chapel pillars. These were blended seamlessly with the existing materials and this resulted in a far more immersive and engaging set design.

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