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Raft Environment (Lap Down - Big - Peopl

An exciting new take on a classic ride! For the conceptual themed land Hokusai Harbor, this new river rapids raft design allows for full immersion while keeping the promise that you will be soaked.

Join us as we discover what Japan looked like through Hokusai's imagination!

Designed for: TEPG Design Competition

The infamous production of The Pirates of Penzance washes ashore once again at T. H. Bell!

Join this eccentric band of pirates as they captivate you with a tale of a duty - bound man and his search for a place in the world!


Designed for: T. H. Bell Jr. High and Robert Mochetti

The Flying Fish (Hero Shot)_edited.jpg

Designed for: Cornell Theme Park Competition

A new conceptual attraction for the aquarium Seas of Imagination in Vancouver.

Take a trip through the Fraser River to discover aquatic animals and take the ride of your life!